nRnd Noise

Added basic simplex noise generation. [youtube] Thanks to Stefan Gustavson and Cabby Node Games for their explanations. I’m still working on getting it seamless tiling and as fast as possible. Currently using unsafe c# over bitmap byte array. I think some of the noise…

Rotate Transform

Added rotate transform in a ‘spin’ option check box. This uses the c# transform matrix in System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix

nRnd Color Balance

I’m not sure this classes as actual color balance. I have not researched it enough yet but I’ve implemented hue rotation on specific r/g/b channels. Nice effect so far.

nRnd Color Adjustment

I have re-written the color adjustment code AGAIN. Thanks to Paul Haeberli of GRAFICA Obscura for his excellent explanations and C code examples. It made a world of difference. I may eventually compile his C code into a dll for c#. [youtube]

nRnd User Interface 2.0

I had wanted to do this a while ago but couldn’t figure it out. It’s actually not so difficult after all.These are some simple home baked collapsible panels using c# wpf. Along with all this I’ve added a lot of the UI into the saved…

nRnd Gradient Fill

I had been thinking about adding this for a while. It’s a bit slow at higher res images. currently using the System.Drawing.Drawing2D.PathGradientBrush method. Pictures below;

nRnd Filter ReWrite

I have started work on faster image filters. These will be either written in c/c++ or unsafe/marshaled c#. Currently unsafe / marshaled c# is performing well allowing the ability to apply some filters in real-time while drawing on canvas. Looking forward to playing more with…

Deviant Art

I have started compiling a gallery of nRnd experiments on my old deviant art account. I love that site and it looks like a good option for storing images.