Who, what is nuzly?

I had my introduction to computers and programming in the late 80’s as a child. I was given access to a TRS-80 and with it had my first experiences with a BASIC programming language. I really loved that machine even though every game i could play on it i had to first typed in, copied from a book .

Years later i had access to an Intel 286 which i developed my “programming skills” on and i wrote some small game demos; a 3D RPG style thing (which perhaps consisted of a  few streets in a medieval city and a couple of shops & encounters), a side scrolling space shooter and what i thought at the time were some very cool intro  / animation screens.

It was not too long before Intel’s 486 was on the market and computer generated 3D caught my eye in programs like 3D Studio R4. for Dos and later with the release of 3D Studio Max 1 as well as other software like Rhino3D and the games that took advantage of the processing power it was a real eye opener and it lit a fire that is still with me now.

While the tools and languages may have changed, the enthusiasm remains. Today i look to Blender & Unity alongside the programming languages of c# and c++ to bring my ideas to life with power i could have barely imagined all those years ago.

I’m Jase, and nuzly is an expression of what i love to do.