Lighting Test


Rewrote ambient occlusion and built a light spreading system.
This is a long way from NVIDIA’s new global illumination/maxwell ‘voxel’ based lighting i read about recently but I’m gradually improving the light system for this unity engine.

I still need to build a more efficient way to update chunks that have had light changed due to light spreading from another chunk.

I use a system of stacks (all chunks on vertical axis) and chunks. When a block is placed or removed the stack should have light recalculated and mesh rebuilt. If light values change in chunks not within this stack, then those chunks should be rebuilt. I’m probably still missing a few things but I’ll keep working on it.


  1. Josh · May 3, 2015

    Just saw your Voxel lighting and it looks very nice any chance on doing a tutorial for us ?!

    • ndev · May 3, 2015

      If i can get the code working properly i will. There are a couple of problems i didn’t solve yet.

      • Josh · May 3, 2015

        Ok That would be awesome 🙂