Blender Gems

I found a great tutorial for setting up blender to render gemstones. The image below took about 1.5hrs to render but I’m pretty happy with the result. I wanted to make my own gem icon so this came in very handy. It may be useful…

unity3d voxel game engine test #4 (Lava light)

I’ve added a lighting effect for lava.(vertex lit) It still needs some refining but i should be able to use this method for other lighting effects as well. [youtube]


Thanks to the people that have expressed some interest in this project. I would like to clarify a few things for any future visitors. This engine is not for sale. I am trying to create an engine to build my own game the way i…

Terra Project update

Added procedural decorative mesh (grass, flowers, etc) Inventory & items classes, Health, Stamina & other attributes, Simple Mob AI, Some sound effects. [youtube]

Early 2015 voxels

Started on a smaller project which should allow more time spent on game elements than the engine itself. 🙂 [youtube] The lighting is still a work in progress but the ambient occlusion code is written. I think it’s mostly now a matter of getting…